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Donated: 2 books 1 rug 1 bedsheet 4 reusable bags 1 birthday badge 1 basket 1 umbrella 4 teddy bears 3 unused baby rattles   Recycled: 4 plastic bottles 1 brochure 1 magazine 1 plastic pot 4 cardboard boxes   Gave to a friend: 1 Microwave   Binned: 1 pile old bubblewrap 1 stroller umbrella connector (umbrella was binned a long time ago) 1 odd slipper   121+33=154/2010
Few more bits this evening...   Recycled: 1 pile of randomly-sized envelopes 1 pile paper   Donated: 1 book 1 clothes basket 1 pack of 3 unused refillable mini cosmetic bottles 3 clothes hangers 1 lunch bag   Binned: 1 pile old laminating pouches   111+10=121/2011
Wow, this thread is moving quickly :)   I'm on a go-slow, my due date is tomorrow and I am crippled with sciatic pain in one leg so I am mostly sitting around resting my leg while my mum helps with DD, it's nice to get a wee break before the new arrival   Still managing a little decluttering...   Donated: 4 books 1 scrapbook album 1 floor mat 1 reusable bag   and I have arranged for a bulky goods waste pickup for Monday, so I'll count those things...
  My shredder often dies halfway through a big pile, the motor cuts out when it overheats, it usually takes it about a day to wake up again. Would that be what has happened yours or did it do something more spectacular? :) Quote:
Recycled: 1 printer cartridge 2 cardboard boxes   Binned: 1 old pair socks   Gave away: 2 big packing boxes   Donated: 1 unused shower curtain   97+7=104/2011
Sent to charity: 1 envelope full of used stamps (they get money for them)   Recycled: 1 big bag of random papers 3 cardboard boxes 2 plastic pots   Donated: 1 pair new too-small slippers     89+8=97/2010
Given to a friend: 1 DVD   Donated: 1 Christmas candle holder   Recycled: 3 boxes 5 unreusable big envelopes     79+10=89/2011
Just the one thing today but it was a hard one to part with :)   1 too-small coat - donated     78+1=79/2011
A handful more today, spent the day taking the Christmas tree & decorations down and tidying the house.   Recycled: 4 pieces of excess Christmas decoration packaging 1 old something (I wrote what it was, but can't read my scribble, and can't remember what it was, clearly it was very important to me  )   Donated: 1 DVD   72+6=78/2011   edited: to correct my woeful counting!
A few more...   Donated: 1 audio book 1 book 1 picture frame 3 pillow cases 1 pillow protector 5 ornaments 2 flower holders 1 candle holder 1 pattern book 1 towel 1 skipping rope   Recycled: 1 pile papers 2 old books   Binned: 3 old Christmas decorations 11 odd socks 1 odd slipper   36+36=72/2011    
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