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Off I go....   donated: 2 sports bags 1 wardrobe tidy 2 books 1 calendar 3 reusable bags 1 suit bag 1 pair child's boots 2 child's cardigans   binned: 1 bag rubbish 1 broken basket 2 torn vacuum storage bags   recycled: 3 big piles cardboard 1 torn giftbag 2 bags papers 7 un-needed product manuals 1 old folder   rehomed: 1 futon base 1 bedrail 1 book 2 pendants   36/2011        
We all have our own rules :)   I count repurposed items and I also count repaired items if they were previously cluttering the place up but now can be used again once repaired/repurposed.   I count trash & recyclables as soon as they go in the bins, I count papers in rough "bundles" or if they took a lot of work to go through I count individual pieces.   And with charity stuff, I count as I go - we don't drive so we don't do charity drop-offs, the charity...
I'm in too, big time nesting at the moment and trying to get this new house in order before our new arrival arrives in a few weeks :) I might fall off the radar for a few weeks after my lovely bump becomes our lovely baby but hopefully over the whole year I'll make the 2011. Last year's thread was very motivating, I think this one will be too! Good luck all!!!
Sorry I haven't been back to this thread in ages! I had a look back and I stopped posting right at the time when we moved into our new house :) It was so good to get so much clutter out of the way before the move, I managed to get 2510 things out of the old house, much handier unpacking boxes when you know the stuff in them is just things you want rather than clutter. But now after a few months in the new house (and Christmas) I am starting to see more things that need a...
Woo hoo, Well done Scrapadoozer!! A few more here... Binned: 1 old baking tray 2 pairs very old socks 2 old shoe insoles 9 odd socks 1 broken bag 1 broken tray Recycled: 1 plastic bowl 1 plastic storage container 2492+18=2510/2010
Mini skip has been collected We have the keys to our new house And we're moving in on Friday Most of our packing is done, but I am still finding a few bits here and there that require decluttering... Binned: 2 old rubber gloves 1 old plant decoration 1 old mat-thing Recycled: 2 plastic bins 4 old shampoo bottles 1 plastic bowl Donated: 2 pairs children's shoes 1 child's vest 2 sheets 1 unused waterproof undersheet 2475+17=2492/2010
Quote: Originally Posted by clutterwarrior Wow Pixiemammy you are on fire! As are you, my dear! *farmergirl*, I'm just catching up and saw your news, congrats!! And well done to everyone else, we're all flying along! Well our little miniskip is outside in the driveway, full and waiting to be collected. Fingers crossed... moving day is set for next week, and the decluttering is slowing down, which is a good feeling, most of the house is...
Donated: 4 pairs child's tights 1 child's top 1 pair child's slippers Binned/Skipped: 1 pile of rags 2 random kitchen things 1 broken clothes hanger 2 old fridge magnets 2 old laundry baskets 1 old clothes drying rack Recycled: 8 plastic things 1 bag paper shredding 1 pile paper Off to a new home: 3 bookcases 1 unused portable tv 2434+29=2463/2010
Donated: 1 pair shoes Recycled: 5 old colouring books Binned/Skipped: 7 out-of-date freezer foods 1 folder 2 plastic boxes 1 pile foam floor squares 1 odd glove 1 odd sock 1 pile hard playdoh 1 old shoe 2 old ribbons 1 old bra strap 1 very old hairbrush 2409+25=2434/2010
Donated: 9 items of clothing 1 belt Binned: 5 items of clothing 1 old teddy 3 broken necklaces 2 bathroom things Recycled: 1 pile of papers 1 bag of shredded papers Added to "Virtual Skip": 1 old bag 1 pair of much-loved yet very-falling-apart-and-unfixable old boots Sent to new home: 1 teddy 2 unused coupons 2381+28=2409/2010
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