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Quote: Originally Posted by clutterwarrior So I am going to see if I can double my count by the end of the year...to 4020!! It may be hard but I am going to see if I can do it. I sure need to get rid of a lot of clutter so I may as well give it a shot. Yay!! Good luck with the new target clutterwarrior, with a name like yours you'll have no problem getting there Our charity collector guy arrived today and it was very splendid to see all the...
14 plastic kitchen items - recycling 2 cardboard boxes - recycling 1 pile papers - recycling 1 pile reusable bags - charity shop 1 brochure - recycling 1 pile gone-off freezer food - compost 1 bag of foreign small coins - donated 1 bag of old medicines - disposed of in pharmacy 1635+22=1657/2010 And we arrived home from town today to a note saying the charity that we donate to is doing a house to house collection next week, so we can finally empty out all the bags of...
From today... 6 random plastic toys/parts of toys - bin/recycling 2 piles of paper - recycling 1 pile of old pens/markers - bin 1 working breadmaker - given to a friend 2 items repaired from my "to-be-fixed" box - no longer clutter 1623+12=1635/2010
Quote: Originally Posted by enkmom My husband loses/breaks buttons on his shirt at least once a month Mine too LOL! I keep all our buttons in two button jars, one for brown/black buttons (to match easily to the aforementioned DH shirts) and the other has lots of colouredy buttons for crafts or mending DD's clothes. I have also been known to rescue buttons from clothing that is getting thrown out/chopped into rags, I like buttons! Every so often...
some more... 1 very old lab coat from my university days (complete with mysterious chemical discolourings ) - straight into the bin!! 1 bunch of unwanted personalised supermarket vouchers - shredded & recycled 8 random plastic things - recycling 4 foodstuffs - given to a friend 1609+14=1623/2010
A few more bits and pieces... 2 purses - charity 3 brochures - recycling 7 pairs children's socks - charity 1 pile random papers - recycling 1 old bath pillow - bin 1 old bag - bin 1 old belt - bin 1 unworn hairband - charity 1592+17=1609/2010
Quote: Originally Posted by clutterwarrior Yay have reached the target!!! Woohoo!!! Well done
1 unused seesaw for swingset - off to a new home and I have forgotten the others, but there were only 4 other things So 1587+5=1592/2010 (I'm on a slowdown here, need to build up the decluttering steam again )
It's all front-loaders here in Ireland, so I have very little experience with top loaders, but the first thing that springs to mind is what temperature are you washing at? If you are regularly doing low temp (40degC or 30degC) as is common now then it is often recommended to do one 90degC wash every so often to clear out all soap and gunk residue that might be lurking in the machine's innards. I second the leave the door open suggestions, we never close ours between...
A quick update before bed... 19 things to a combo of bin/recycling/charity and a big box of books for the 2nd hand book shop but I'll count them once they've actually left the house So 1568+19=1587/2010, nighty night
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