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I am having this problem too! But if anyone is looking for a reasonable flame retardant free couch, check out ecoselect furniture in NC .. Not cheap, but on par with other sofas out there. I am waiting on swatches from them.
I will try! And if anyone wants to come to the park, it's quite nice on the sunny and not-rainy days then again, I'm used to 10-20degree cooler weather this time of year
Anyone want to get together for a playdate at the new park -- http://tygerriverpark.com/the-park/play-areas/ When these rains stop!   I have an almost 5y.o. girl, and 10month boy and am looking for some crunchy mamas in the area :)
I know this post is a little old - but i'm in Duncan/Spartanburg for 3-6months months with my daughter (almost 5) and son (almost a year) and would love to get together with some local mothering mothers/kids for some playdates!  Maybe the new Tyger River park?? And I'd love to know about local mother's groups that get together. THanks! :) 
Thank you - adding these to the list!
Thank you everyone! I was a bit delayed in replying with all this Sandy business. Not that I had to deal with what most did further North. Crazy.    I am starting a new Google Doc with all this info. I am so sad to leave the "team" I have put together here, but at least they have taught me what I'm looking for.   Carrboro Yoga Co. does look gorgeous Beanma. I am done with having babies but I love our birth center here, for general wellness/paps, so I will check...
Is there anyone on the board whose kids have attended Ephesus Elementary School in CH?  From what I've read on the city data forums, there seems to be a good neighborhood vibe about it. Will I have trouble sending an partially vaccinated kid there? Thank you :)
Looks like our move to Chapel Hill is finally happening .. Yey! SO excited. Love your town folks.   Can anyone local recommend their favorite: Chiro (Nutritional Response Testing Chiro even better) Dentist (Holistic if poss) Yoga Studio (anything but HOT yoga, ugh) Women's Health Practice/Doc Pediatrician (delayed/no vaccine docs exist??)  Oh, and I guess regular old Physician, although I don't know when I last went to one of them!   Thank you in...
thank you! i hope she will listen and go :)
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