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http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z...ng_birth-1.jpg anybody know where this is?
probiotics! sauerkraut and kimchee
Not in your ddc but I've been going through something similar. I honestly think my dh felt the same way about hurting me, but he was doing it anyway. What's worse he got involved with someone else...so I guess he's not going to hurt her? I'm sure that it's over. I honestly feel relieved at this point and I didn't think I would. I'm glad it's over now instead of closer to the birth (I'm not due till May) and I'm planning on doing things that never would've happened...
Yay, glad you got it figured out.
There would definitely seem to be an increase since vpds that are not being diagnosed as such because the child was vaccinated would then be diagnosed as the vpd, probably even some cases where it wasn't a vpd but was diagnosed as such.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie I'm so sorry mama! It sounds like you are very strong and already bouncing back, but still - what a thing to have to deal with at this moment in time! Have you though about your parenting plan? If you want him gone forever (and I would, to avoid future custody battles, stepmothers, general interference in my life etc. etc.), you need to start talking NOW about the termination of parental rights. No matter what he...
Thankyou, your words and sympathy mean a lot. I'm glad this is happening now instead of later/closer to the birth. I'm finally starting to get excited about my possible future. I may get to go stay in Florida with a friend, hang out on the beach and birth at her home. I'm thinking about work and I feel like it may be easier to follow my dream then it ever would have been with him.
Omg I'd filed for some unclaimed money of his awhile back and the check just came in. Now as long as he'll sign it and give me enough to do what I need to do.... ETA Ok, I'm rethinking that, we have a joint account so I could just deposit it and take it out later the same day. His paycheck is direct deposit and it should be just enough to bring the account balance even and it goes in Friday. I'll use the cash from the unclaimed money check to pay insurance, tags,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Debstmomy I know what he preached was horrible and hateful, but what they did to his family was just as bad. And did not just effect him, it was his WHOLE family that had to suffer. Now if he just left his home & what not, I think I would not be feeling what I am feeling. That being said, I think his wife is a nimrod. (Well so is he.) I think he identifies himself has heterosexual, with gay tendencies. My 11 yr old son, just...
My birth video ended up there and I didnt know about it for awhile. It wasn't exactly private since I'd posted it here and then told someone else she could use it on her site. Still wasn't expecting it for some reason.
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