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http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/s..._carseats.html Thoughts? Please watch the whole video before commenting (even if what he says is true, I still like carseats since they usually keep the kid from getting out of the seat better then seatbelts do. An interesting video non-the-less)
Is she broody?
Quote: Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn The hospital here does not provide cleansing soap or shampoo, only useless lotiony antibacterial stuff. oh gross!
http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/phoenix/index.php Join here, one of the women had a UC even though she used nhs. She did a great job fighting for what she wanted, she'd be awsome support. You don't have to be planning a UC to join. She actually called the mw's during labour when it was getting a bit intense and they showed up moments after the birth.
Contact AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services) http://www.aims.org.uk/aims.htm http://www.homebirth.org.uk/youcant.htm#2 http://www.homebirth.org.uk/multipara.htm
The poop! Not my poop, the baby's poop. Coming out in a thick stream right as I was getting pushy. Normal for breech babies but I wasn't expecting it (of course I wasn't expecting a breech baby either until the very last) A friend had just mentioned cord prolapse so when I felt something warm and soft coming out of my vagina, my first thought was the cord!
publicity stunt :
The only thing I'm slightly worried about is the flouride/chlorine/chloramines in the water. So I'm thinking about filtering and adding vitamin c (since that's supposed to neutralise the chloramines that filters have a hard time getting out)
maybe you should ferment it : In all seriousness, I'm planning on freezing mine in small peices and just adding it to smoothies (I've done it with liver and you can't taste it)
Quote: Originally Posted by greenmulberry I have to admit I am not a hand washer, I get really dry skin. The only time I wash my hands is when I get something visible on them, or I have to take my contact lenses in/out, or I am preparing food. I also never get the flu shot either. It seems to me that dry/cracked hands could carry be more of a hazard then unwashed hands. Kind of like pubic shaving was supposed to prevent infection during...
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