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This is number 4 for us, and I just haven't told him yet. We've gone through a really rough patch not too long ago, but lately it's been so much better, and I'm enjoying it the way it is right now. Not that I think having a baby is really going to change that, but I just don't feel like telling him yet. So the only people that know right now are those of you in internet land Enough from me, anybody else? PS I'm not planning on telling my family for awhile either
It scares me when women tell other women how heavenly and great their epidural was. Even though that is how she feels, it makes it sound so nice for moms that don't know what they're getting into (like me once) and then when it's offered to a laboring mom whose been told she can't even sit up and doesn't know better then to listen to the stupid nurses, she takes it and does miss that incredible feeling of her child coming into the world. So while I do agree they are very...
le leche league
Deborah, may 12, planning a UC
I caved and bought a test, make that 5 test (I didn't want to have to go back and dollar store test are great!) I took one before I even got home and didnt' see anything until after the 3 minute mark and then I *thought* I saw a very light line, in fact I still think I see it. Not sure if it's just an evaporation line or something more, I'm kinda getting excited...going to test again in the morning http://lh3.ggpht.com/breech2007/SLqX...jpg?imgmax=512
Sounds normal (happened to me) and no it does not necessarily mean you're ovulating. You may continue with regular periods or you may skip a few, all normal. Does baby nurse a lot at night? That seems to have the most effect for me.
*waves* Hi, from another Texan.
I guess I'm pretty late on this but I was hoping I could join. I've got early cramping, it started yesterday, but no bleeding. It's really unusual for me, I don't think I've ever had this happen or if it did I guess I didn't notice. ETA and that was my 50th post, woohoo
Chlorophyll, nettle, enzymes, probiotics all those good things, which you may already be doing
Sometimes I put the jar in warm water.
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