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I recently learned that Hashimoto's is closely linked to atypical Celiac. Have you ever tried a gluten-free diet?
It is an awful situation to be in. I went through almost the same thing when my LO was 9 months old and just started walking. My 12 year old dog that I had for 10.5 years started snapping at him. It wasn't aggression in her case, but fear. You can't train fear out of a dog. I kept them separated but that didn't allow much quality of life for the dog. She would sit at the baby gate and whine or the basement door. She ignored the fenced in back yard and the full...
I mix it with a fruit tea from Teavana. Also, you could boil it down into a concentrated infusion and just drink it like medicine.
Are you peeing normally? I had something similar to this combined with ctx and it was because the baby dropped and blocked my urethra. It was bladder pain that was causing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deefodil Beautiful birth story, mama. I am sorry that things didn't go as you would've wished, but so happy that you and your baby are both safe and healthy and doing well. It sounds like you have a very healthy outlook on birth in general and the way your body births, specifically. I agree! Thank you for posting this!
My little one stretched out when he was born and rarely, if ever, went back to the fetal position, so I was unable to do the wrap/sling positions that required it. Just sharing in case you are having the same issue!
Don't have a clue! DH won't discuss names until we know the sex, and I haven't found a name that sits well with me yet.
Footie sleeper and swaddling. I unswaddled DS way too soon. If this baby protests like he did or is a Houdini like him, then I will use a footie sleeper and wearable blanket.
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