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For me and my sanity, I prefer 3-4 years. I had two kids 18 months apart and I would NEVER do it again if I could help it. I realize that this is a very personal feeling for myself and others may prefer the opposite. My child spacing mentality was NEVER dependent on my kids being close in age = close in relationship. My dds play together and they also fight a lot. I have a brother that is two years younger than me and we are far from close. We are complete opposite in...
If a condom ever irritates, you're using the wrong one. Me and dh have been using condoms off and on for roughly 10 years and I can tell you that different brands and varieties can vary greatly in how they feel. I order them online and some sites give you freebies with your orders so you can try others for free. Also some will sell you a set of three or one to sample. This is how we were able to find the ones that worked best. Dh's favorite ones aren't available on the...
Thanks for the rec, texaspeach. I'll add that book to my reading list.
I agree about the facsinating part and that's why I want to learn more about it. I have had irregular cycles for so many years and honestly, that's why FAM and NFP were such a turn off to me until recently. Her books look like I may be able to find solutions as to why and what I can do for better hormonal balance. I also like that she's a WAPF proponent.
I'm starting to research more into monthly cycles, fertility, etc. and I stumbled upon this author's website www.gardenoffertility.com. I'm already about to get TCOYF from the library, but I'm wondering what's the difference between the TCOYF books and Mrs. Singer's books? Is there a large amount of redundant in the Singer books? What's different?
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'd like to know if anyone has any recipes or ideas for natural ways to supplement my DSs diet so that he can put on some more weight. He's 18 months and has just recently started to be interested in solids. He's exclusively BF from birth and still nursing a lot. The doc was on me about weaning him so he'd eat more, but that just wasn't happening. He is 23 lbs. and hasn't gained anything since he was 9 months old. When I just put him on my...
New Posts  All Forums: