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Another thing to remember is to make sure she's getting enough water. Fiber to water ratio is very important to prevent constipation. Now what that ratio is, I'm not exactly sure.
Thanks so much for opening this discussion. I got the email this morning and I usually don't read his articles as it usually leaves me with more questions than answers. Something about the writing style doesn't leave me the ability to put the content into the proper context. I opened this one and was wondering what the other 'side' says. I'd forgotten about the butter oil. Actually, one of the companies recommended by WAPF makes a butter oil/CLO combo supplement. I'm...
Another thought is that if you're waking at about the same time and your temps all over the place, you could be annovulatory. When you're annovulatory, you could be getting all types of fertile mucous which means you're gearing up to ovulate, but the temping is the only way you know that you definitely have ovulated. This is my first cycle I'm having really delayed ovulation and I did see ovulation spotting (I think as I hadn't had dtd to explain it) right before a...
Quote: Originally Posted by DivineMrsM i try to take them at the same time, but my son wakes at random early times thru the nite. so it's really hard to be exact. what if i set my alarm for 3am, take my temp and then go back to sleep? would that be ok? That would be okay if he doesn't wake you up in three hours. I sympathize because my 3 y/o ds is still waking at night and it is so annoying. I set the clock for 5am and take it the same time...
Yes, that is usually what it means. I remember being where you were with my first chart. I had no idea what to expect with the temp drop. My first one, my temp only dropped after day 2 or so of my period. I would assume your period would show any day.
I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but triphasic temps do not always indicate a pregnancy. My very first chart was triphasic and we were not so careful during ovulation as we were TTA. I was a nervous wreck that 2ww as I had JUST read TCOYF and from the book it seemed like anytime those temps shoot up again, you must be pg. I calmed down after I googled triphasic temperatures and found one of the entries on the first page was a woman who had many cycles with...
Here's another website I just found. I really like it. The prices are great and FREE SHIPPING! They make sampler packs that you can choose the makeup of. www.condomman.com
That's great that you are so in tune with your body. So many women are clueless and rely on doctors to have all the answers. Please keep us updated on your personal progress.
Interesting theory. Here's an article with more info about prevention of impending miscarriage by removing light: http://www.stcdio.org/OMF/NFP/news-light.html
Thanks for clearing that up octobermoon. I must be skimming too much.
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