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Hey Talula, I have a question about your temp fall. You said it fell half a degree, so that would be from example of 98.5 to 98? Does that drop for you mean AF is coming like today or tomorrow? This is my first time, so I wasn't sure what to expect when that time comes. I'm just going by examples in the book and I'm pretty sure all of them had that drop on the day of AF or a few days after it starts.
Ok, I'm a total newbie just like the op so tell me if my observation is correct. This chart doesn't look to me like you o'd yet. I think the dips are indicative of an anovulatory cycle as of now. Am I right? I'm looking at a chart in Honoring Our Cycles right now and a chart with similar peaks and valleys states: She has "false" Peak Days on Days__________. She never has a true Peak with ovulation. Her temperature does not jump up and stay up during this cycle. There is...
I copied the link into my browser, then deleted the additional http. I was able to see the chart.
I don't think the main issue with fertility is to be eating lots of full fat ice cream, but to eat full fat dairy in general. Full fat dairy (other than ice cream) that's raw, grass fed and organic is ideal if available and you wouldn't be worried about overloading on sugar. There are lots of other better alternatives. I'm reminded of those first chapters of Nourishing Traditions with this study. This is just a tip of the nutritional iceberg in that book.
I was wondering this exact same thing. I found this thread interesting. Steedalyn was 5 dpo when she noticed symptoms and got her bfp this month. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=941862
Oh, since you made that clear, I agree with the pp. It could be hyperthyroid.
I wouldn't sweat it at this point. Considering what your body has been through with the reversal, I would expect some changes as it does effect your hormone balance. Think about it like if you just came off the pill, you wouldn't expect things to go back to exactly like before you started right off the bat? I haven't had the pleasure of having a nice predictable, regular cycle in my whole life, yet I still managed to conceive 3 times.
Yes, this is true. One woman on another board who works with women to teach them LAM (suppression of ovulation while nursing) said that this tends to happen with women who are estrogen dominant. They also tend to get their pp af back very early and many of those periods tend to be anovulatory. Also, having anovulatory periods isn't something exclusive to nursing moms.
I had to go to Planned Parenthood because I had no insurance. No other entity would do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by stoof21 No chance that you may still be pregnant, even after the bleeding? Temps that high and that late in your cycle are pretty odd. Have you taken a test? This is the exact same example in TCOYF of a woman who was pregnant. She had a full normal period and would've had no idea that she should take the test if it weren't for the high temps. GET THAT TEST!!!!!
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