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The absence of an adverse reaction the first time doesn't rule out the possibility of it happening next time. The measles and rubella are unnecessary for your son since he already has immunity - there is no benefit whatsoever to be gained, so why take the chance?
Quote: Originally Posted by Science Mom Vaccines administer a bolus that is initially higher than ingested aluminum but most is excreted within 24 hours and continues to be excreted. References, please? Your statement is absolutely incorrect. The Flarend study (which keeps getting cited by vaccine advocates) shows 17% of injected aluminum is excreted in 28 days. That contradicts your above statement that more than 50% is excreted in the...
How about some perspective on what exactly a milligram of neurotoxin can do to the human brain. Aluminum is injected in milligram amounts. Yet it only takes .002 mg (or 2 mcg) of aluminum to alter normal gene expression in the brain.
Each antibody has a variable region and a constant region. The RSV Ig antibodies are specific for neutralizing RSV, meaning the part of the antibody that can vary, is variable from other antibodies in that it specifically binds to RSV. When the antibody binds to virus by its variable region, the constant region of the antibody is left exposed. Immune cells come along, recognize and attach to the constant region of the antibody. This allows immune cells to remove...
It's biologically possible that the immunoglobulin caused a virus to manifest as illness. IMO you were correct to report it as a reaction. They need to collate statistics to see how often it's reported to determine if it's real or coincidental. Reporting is the only way to do that.
The benefit to getting the disease is that your child will have a very strong immune response and the immunity will last much longer. The vaccine has substantial rates of both primary and secondary vaccine failure, meaning it doesn't work so well and when it does, the immunity wanes. Both the disease and the vaccine cause shingles.
I saw the same thing but it continued on: Quote: These diseases can spread from one child to another... at school, the grocery store, on the playground, at church... ANYWHERE. In fact, and folks try not to completely defecate on yourself in panic... Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneumoniae are in your child's throat at this very moment!!!
Saying that life expectancy has increased since the introduction of vaccines is a meaningless statement - you can't draw any conclusion whatsoever from so coarse an observation. If you really want to look at life expectancy in relation to vaccination, drug treatment, medical care, etc. then you have to do a comparative analysis: you have to look at places with high medical care and see if they also have high life expectancy. The U.S. is the prime example since the U.S....
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky Then why not share those links? We all want to learn. It's a good point. There are two reasons really which I already mentioned but I might as well discuss. 1.) There is a double standard going on when Science Mom has not provided any safety references at all yet demands that references be cited in order for her safety claims to be rebutted. Sure it's hypocritical, but it's also not practical: I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky Top secret information not meant for the public? No, it's published, available on pubmed, google scholar, etc. You might not be able to access the articles but you can read the abstracts online.
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