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DD (32 months) will just come to me and ask "milk, please?" But if she's in a super playful mood, she'll say, "it's time for milky-dilky, mama!"
Quote: Originally Posted by queen b 1 cup flour 1 cup warm water 1/4 cup salt 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon oil food coloring this is the recipe that i used and it totally didn't work! what am i doing wrong. it was so runny in the pot and then i let it cool forever thinking that it would harden up, but it was still so runny... does it matter what type of flour you use? if it's runny, you just have to use A LOT of flour,...
1 cup flour 1 cup warm water 1/4 cup salt 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon oil food coloring combine all in saucepan. stir constantly, over LOW heat, until mix is smooth. cool and knead on floured surface or wax paper. add extra flour during kneading, if mix is sticky. store in ziploc baggies or tupperware containers.
dd is 27 months old. we still NIP. a lot. LOL i'm not worried about showing my breast. as soon as dd sees my nipple, she's like a magnet to it! then, i just pull my shirt, to cover more of my breast. i was always more concerned about showing my roly-poly belly. but an older (bigger & longer) child conceals that MUCH better!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla At that age, it's about having realistic expectations and setting up your life around the child's needs and abilities. yes, yes, yes. personally, i like the challenge of finding a distraction/playful alternative to an "uncool issue."
dd is only 2 so we don't need to get into Santa for a year or two. this year, we have 1 homemade gift from mom and dad and 1 purchased gift from mom and dad. in her stocking, she'll get some kind of art supply. when Santa-Time rolls around, we are going to take the Santa "middle ground." we will tell her that Santa isn't "real" and we'll let her decide if she wants to play the "Santa Game" if she chooses to, we can make cookies for "Santa" and there will be 1...
overalls!!! LOL that's mostly what we have hanging in dd's closet. we also had luck with Garanimals brand jogging pants (from walmart.)
we have been very fortunate to find a few natural wooden toys at a nearby thrift store! otherwise, we wouldn't be buying them. we live simply. i couldn't justify spending lots of money on natural toys. it just goes against our beliefs. hubby and i have become quite talented when it comes to making toys, too! i think we have borrowed *every* toy-making book in our library system! LOL
i am currently nursing my 27-month-old dd. no resentment. after such a rough start to our nursing relationship, i feel blessed to be nursing her now.
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarlumpkin I think it is simply the sorrow of leaving the beautiful realm of sleep! : this is why *I* am cranky when someone wakes me from my nap! LOL honestly, during my pregnancy, when i used to have the luxury of long, afternoon naps, i was so *miserable* when hubby would wake me up. he was quite the parent: "now honey, if you sleep any longer, you'll never be able to get to sleep at a reasonable...
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