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No, I'm not absolutely certain about ovulation. I've not been on top of tracking that like I should.   We are trying casually so I was being lazy. It was 14 days after my period but I know that doesn't mean anything.   I know about NFP just wasn't paying very good attention.   The weird thing is that I only feel ill in the a.m. and I'm mostly better later. We'll see. I guess I'll just wait til my period is due and see what's up. I don't like getting my hopes...
I'm not sure if I'm sick or if it's morning sickness. On the slight chance that I am pg. today would only be day  7 and I've been sick all a.m. for 3 days. I don't have a fever or vomiting but just a sick stomach.   I've been awake 3 hrs and just beginning to feel human.With my son, (10 years old!) I think it was about 5 weeks so I'm really unsure if it's even possible to be morning sickness.   What do you think?
Any tips for some good exercises to tone those up? ARMS that was supposed to be;0
I stall a lot--it's pretty normal for me--just look at the big picture:) I usually have at least 2 4 days stalls--but you're losing inches at those times or your body is adjusting to the changes--don't quit.  
I've been there! A therapist may help. But a great book I read by a psychotherapist is The Beck Diet Solution: How To Think Like A Thin Person.   SUPER good
    Yes it's true day 3 usually gets better and day 4 waaaaaaaaaaaay better:).   Take measurements and photos--it helps on an "off" day to compare. Also on slow loss days you're losing inches so it's all good.   The psychological cravings and old eating habits are always a battle but the tummy hungry goes away :)    
Do you think you can get immune to HHCG drops?   I've lost to a certain point and have at least 40 lbs more to lose and it's not budging.   I've been using D140 should I try evoke or another one?
Edamame is a bean--no in Ph 2 and 3
Fruit could be the culprit.   Also dairy is my culprit. I've heard that as you lose more things you ate previously may cause a reaction in you. It's not the diet--it's that your body never liked it in the 1st place and you didn't notice it.
Still curious how much weight you lost on a 90 day round? :) Forgot the user name:)
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