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Hi Mothering Mamas. I have just moved to Redlands from Michigan. My husband got a job teaching for CSSB and I don't know anyone here! I am a professional poet, SAHM and I teach college online as well. I have a 16 mth old son. I would love to meet any mamas in the area and/or also have any tips on family fun in the area. Thanks! Jennifer
Hi, My DH and DS and I are moving to the San Bernardino area in August from Michigan. I don't know the area at all (though I lived in San Francisco for 13 yrs) so we are trying to figure out where to settle. People have been mentioning Redlands and Claremont. I am looking for recommendations/any information on towns, neighborhoods and public schools. My DH will be teaching at Cal State San Bern. so we don't want to give him too far a commute. Thanks in advance!  
Thanks so much, everyone. You have given some very helpful suggestions. I know to others who don't have this problem, it seems like not so much of a problem and possibly annoying, but I feel very out of balance and would like to have a healthier base point not to mention get my period again some day. I did not think about adrenals nor did I know they could be so out of whack from childbirth. I will consider these factors. I also think that beyond the full fat dairy, nut,...
Lucy, I think it is better with cosleeping, thank goodness. He'll wake and start to cry but I'm right there and it's easier to get him back on track. Every once in a while he actually falls back asleep on his own which he never does in the crib. I think he might be wakinga little less in the bed too, and I am finding that I can use my body like the function of a swaddle for him with a hand across his body or tucked under his hip and it seems to help. He needs that...
Thanks! I have been adding in avocados this week. If I eat triple the amount I normally do, I seem to stay put. I will try the fatty fish. I usually pour a few tbsp. of olive oil over whatever I am eating and I eat nuts all day long. Have either of you noticed any problems with your supply?
Thanks everyone. It's always interesting to come on to this forum and read about how everyone figures out sleep with their particular little one. It just shows what a huge range of sleep personalities there are and how we do our best to guide them into a healthy night. The more I read the more I think I understand that DS's sleep issues are on the extreme end of the spectrum. Tonight is the great swaddling experiment and he only lasted 15 minutes, then another 15 min. I...
I cannot seem to keep my weight up while BFing. I have always been thin with a high metabolism but this is nuts. I am down to 97 pounds (around 5'4'') and I eat all day--carbs, full fat dairy, snacks--no exercise. I also usually run very cold but I have been very warm this winter. I do not like being this skinny. Everything is hanging off me. Has anyone dealt with this? Ideas?
Thanks! I have been using the NCSS and I'm not sure we.re getting anywhere. I am very consistent with the routine but it ends with me nursing him to sleep. I'm just at a loss for other ways to accomplish the falling asleep w/out crying. My real problem though is the crazy night waking--some nights every 20 min. DH cannot get him back to sleep. I try to rock him but he is screaming and  clamoring to nurse so I do it but gently taking him off every 20 sec. or so. He is...
Blue, huge healthy sticky vibes to your little bean. I am sorry it was such a difficult day. We will stay positive right with you. Big hugs.
Thinking of you, Blue, and hoping the u/s went well.
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