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I like several of her online recipes, but I bought one of her cookbooks and was really disappointed. It used a lot of ingredients that were considered "healthy" in the 80s that I don't consider healthy now (like a big emphasis on low-fat dairy, etc.)
ToLabor shows which doulas are certified and which are not: http://tolabor.com/Connections/resultsdirectory.php?state=Illinois&search=Search
I am a student at AAMI and a homeschooling mom to 4. I started while pregnant with #4. It has been perfect for me so far. I love the program. Like you, I know that I won't be ready for an apprenticeship for a few years. It has been great to focus on my studies and prepare during this time. I am so happy with my decision. I am also taking an herbalism course and finishing up my doula certification. Both programs have fit in very well with my coursework at AAMI.
I also trained through toLabor, and it was wonderful. I'd definitely recommend them. ToLabor's standards of practice fit better with how I want to practice than the SoP for the other organizations. I also love how toLabor is based on the midwifery model of care. The hands on opportunities, including the chance to do a vaginal exam during the workshop, were fantastic. It really helped me to understand what the care providers are checking and measuring when they do a...
Stuttering is really normal at this age, especially if your family tends to speak quickly and/or if your child tends to think faster than they can speak. Our pediatrician said not to worry at all. She suggested speaking slowly, showing the child that they don't need to rush (through eye contact, nodding, giving full attention, etc.), and not pointing it out at all. My daughter outgrew it and it hasn't been an issue for a few years now. Definitely give your care provider...
Birth Arts International is also offering an Advanced Women's Herbal and Aromatherapy course. It was being offered at a special rate of $50 for a while. I'm not sure if the price has gone up yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by grcelizabeth Yay! So proud of you, that's awesome! So this is Amanda, huh? hehe. Congrats on being so close to finishing orientation. You ladies are wayyy ahead of me. I'm just now getting back into Phase 3 after the move to Colorado and I'm excited to meet you Amanda. Samantha has told me about you and hopefully we can get together soon to start a study group. I'd LOVE to get the study group up and...
Things are going well here I'm almost ready to submit my orientation for AAMI. I am so excited!
We eat something similar from the Whole Foods Market cookbook. They call them Chocolate Earth Balls. Love them. I'd also recommend guacamole with something for dipping. I love guacamole, and you can get a mild one if spiciness is a concern.
Yes, and you may want to try searching for MTB as well. It is abbreviated in many of the threads.
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