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here are mine from 16dpo. The first response one is light. I'm going to cross my fingers that yours get darker!
Hello! I'm excited to also be a part of this club! I'm 5w1d .. Due July 14th. I've been a member of MDC since early 2003 when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 10. I have a step daughter who is 11, so having a baby around the house is going to be very different for us. We've been TTC since the end of April and I got the BFP last Thursday. I still find it surreal as I don't feel pregnant yet! Very mild symptoms so far. I'm still in the process of finding an OB .....
I'd like to start a nature table for my little one, but every time we bring something in from nature, it seems to have bugs in it! A bird's nest was crawling with tiny insects, larve came out of the acorns... Now I'm afraid to let anything from the forest into our house. How do you know an item that you've picked up off the ground doesn't contain any hidden insects? Do you contain it in a sealed jar for awhile? Do you just risk it? Leave it on the porch for a few days?...
I keep my daughter's on a hook on the inside of the pantry cupboard door.
http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news0.../08/pyrex.html I'm finding this is happening a lot, lately.
Welcome! You live so close to me! I`m in a town very close to Brantford, and I am always in Brantford 2-4 times a week. Do you ever go to the Early Years?
Oh, thank you. I'm not looking for a hobby house - I'm looking for a Waldorf style house. Is that the type that you saw?
I want to buy my daughter a sturdy wooden doll house for her birthday but I can't seem to find any local places online. I'm looking for anything located between/around the Southern ON, and Buffalo, NY.
Let's hope that that's the case, because if not, then it'll be really sad. So, What's new with Jelly?
Wow, is the nov/dec 2003 group officially over?
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