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Huge congratulations!
Beautiful photos and what a beautiful baby! Love the little feet one.
I'm still here! My due date is today. Nothing new going on. I went into labor with my 1st on my actual due date so I'm hoping it will be soon this time too.
My first was 9lbs, 11oz and he was in size 0-3 right away, none of the newborn sizes fit him at all from the start. He was firmly in size 3 months (or 3-6 months) after about four weeks.
Just seeing this now. I wanted to chime in that it is possible to get PUPPP after delivery. My OB said it is rare, but she sees it occasionally. I got it about 4-5 days after delivery with my son last time and it was horrible. Lasted about 10 days. I hope it is clearing up fast for you!
Yes, the same is good postpartum. After my first, I also drank Mother's Milk tea (or some other mix of "nursing tea") primarily to get my milk supply up. Loved the taste of it too. The ingredients are: "Sweet fennel seed, anise seed, coriander seed, spearmint leaf, lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena leaf, althea root, blessed thistle herb, fenugreek seed"
38 weeks!
Surprisingly, we do already have a costume! On a recent thrifting trip, my 3 year old spotted a little pumpkin bunting outfit and said, "This will fit the baby, Mama?" I couldn't resist the $1 price tag on that one, and that his big brother picked it out. My 3 year old on the other hand, no costume yet...I have to wait till the last minute, otherwise he'll switch it on me. "NO, I don't want to be a turtle anymore! I want to be a fish now!"
Yeah, I'm expecting it to be a lot harder of course, but those early months that were so tough the first time around won't be as scary and new at least. I worry about nursing - my son is three and he weaned when he was two. It has been a full year since he nursed, but lately (because we've been talking about how babies nurse) he has expressed curiosity about it. I imagine it might bring up some jealous feelings in him, considering how often I'll be nursing and...
My midwife recommends more essential fatty acids (the good fats) in your diet if you get itchy. I take Prenatal Omega Mom and haven't had any itching at all this time around. I did have lots of itching last time, but wasn't taking those supplements. Of course, since this is my 2nd maybe my skin is just stretched out already and not itch prone!
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