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I have a friend who immigrated to Australia and his daughter had it at just under a year old.  Not a 3rd world country. 
Are you pregnant right now?  Do you realize how devastating it would be for you and your unborn child if one of your daughters contracts Rubella right now?  
My daughter waves and says hi. She also says mama and dada.
Apple chutney, maybe?
My daughter is almost 6 months and we have been going through the same thing the past few nights. It's really hard on me. I can't sleep and nurse. I only do one sided nursing so I can't switch sides. I don't know what to tell you because I don't know what to do myself.
I have to add that sealants are the same material as in white fillings. So these cavities that he opened and sealed would have turned into larger cavities down the road and would have required fillings. A sealant is much smaller than a regular filling.
Don't sue. He was trying to help you out. I am assuming there was some miscommunication between the doctor and the staff and you were charged. Call the office and let them know the doctor said that he would not charge you for the sealants as they were not part of the treatment plan. He was trying to help you out because he thought you couldn't afford them. Make sure the office staff knows this and get it cleared up. You weren't mad about it until you got the bill so...
I have only used the new style and I like them a lot.
My baby HATED the car until I bought a convertible car seat. She likes the car now. She will cry occassionally but nothing like before. In the infant seat she would scream and even choke! It was horrible. It's worth a shot. You will need to buy one at some point anyway.
In my experience no they usually are not cheaper. It can be done cheaper, like if you use prefolds and covers only and buy some used. Yes you can resell them but I don't think the resale is as good as everyone says it is. At DS I see people listing a used $20 diaper for $15-17. I won't pay that much for a used diaper even if it is in very good condition. I'd rather buy a new one and pay a few bucks more. Prefolds are EASY! It may seem intimidating at first put the...
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