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I was the one who said should let the relationship go. Speaking as someone who has been through a divorce I will say you can and you might have to. You'll find a lot of things will change, good and bad. You will lose some things and you will gain strength you didn't know you had. My situation was very different than yours and I am not preaching to you. I am sharing what I learned. I held on to the most unhealthy relationships because I couldn't handle all the change...
I, personally don't like the way they look but if you like it leave it in. Is it like pierced ears where the whole won't close up? Can you just take it out for a while?
I agree that it's a combination of sexual tension and choosing sides. Maybe he can't have the friendship you want and be best friends with your husband. It sounds like the two of you had a flirty relationship while you were together with your husband and while you know what the reasons your break up it's likely he may feel some guilt. He doesn't know the intimate details the way only the you and your H can know what happened. I think it's best to let this relationship go.
Quote: I don't think people are offended, they just figure that if they send a card to someone for several years in a row and never get one in return, it's safe to trim that person from their own list (saving the time and expense), since s/he doesn't appear to care much about Christmas cards anyway. It's just a good gauge to see who's into the tradition and who isn't. I guess that's true. It just that seems like you(general you) are giving them only...
I don't send christmas cards. I don't think anyone should be offended if they get less then the give. It''s not because you aren't in their list, it's most likely they aren't just christmas cards people. Some people just don't find it fun.
Is this relationship over?
I have a down comforter in a duvet year round and if it gets too cold I add a blanket between the top sheet and comforter.
This sounds so fishy. I'm glad you were able to find somewhere for you and your daughter to stay. Did your ex know sign language? How was he communicating with her? How did she get to Canada without her parents? Has your Ex ever done anything in the past to make you feel like you couldn't trust him with you or with your daughter? I'm just getting really off feeling with him becoming enthralled with this little girl. I would think if he wanted to make her part of the...
Growing up stocking presents were always wrapped and we could open them as soon as we woke up. We were always so excited we would we would get at 4 or 5 in the morning, take them back to bed and open them.
I didn't see JD531's post before I posted and she got a great deal.
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