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I would refuse that. You could get a top loading washer for $500-550. There is no way a 20 year old washer is worth half that.
I live in a Condo I can understand a bit and a noisy apartment but there is much better sound proofing where I am at. Are they home all day? Do the work? Cause if the have jobs that would explain why there is no noise during the day.
Family B. I think it would be more jarring to send hypothetical kids away across the country to virtual strangers. Family B may not be the same as you on paper but they aren't going to be getting vaccines or picking schools for your child in this situation. You are the one making the rules. You can say that they don't get spanked. When you (general you) write out family descriptions of how people live by what they practice it's all very black and white but it's more...
Quote: Counseling, definitely. And proceed from there based on therapist recommendations. I agree. I think it's hard to know what the best answer is. My BIL's wife divorced him when their son was 1 and tried to move across the country with him. The judge ruled for him to stay but she moved anyway. He's 7 now and she visited like once a year and at first she would also call once a week but when they are younger kids don't want to talk on the phone. He...
I think the best thing to do is figure out a better living situation for yourselves. It seems like there is somethings they could do to help like taking off/putting on shoes when leaving but I do understand when you're getting ready and your brain isn't really in that mind frame of oh I have to be quiet. I think you want them to make less noise but ultimately the problem is their movements are creating noise. I bet 75% of the noise is average noise that comes through...
I think it's best to leave animal control out of it as well. They aren't going to want to get in the middle of a domestic dispute and it could end up keeping you from the dog. If they really wanted the dog they would have made sure she was well taken care of. It's so great of you and your H to take her in and make her part of your family.
Those are hilarious, especially the MILF!
I wouldn't cut my hair instead of having a professional do it. Maybe the haircut would be a trial for the root canals. The haircut will probably only take 20-30 minutes. You can skip the blow dry and styling.
Quote: People sell poop? I had no idea either. This is going to make condo living with dogs so much easier. Our walks will be a lot more productive.
I would go ahead and and hire him and get the stuff done. If you can afford it and DH won't do it. It's a win win.
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