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I think you have a better chance with the homeowners. They should have disclosed the mold. What does your realtor say? I would contact them so they can contact the original homeowner's realtor.
Music page What they like to do for fun page Favorite books page Favorite games page A favorite memory or maybe a trip ETA also maybe a recipe or two if they like to cook Maybe do one page as the rules to a perfect sleepover or something cute like that
No, I think that would be way too costly.
If I was infest with mice or rats I would call immediately and ask them to take care of it. If they didn't then I would sen the letter.
How long have you been on it? You may just have to give it more time to build up in your system or maybe go up to a higher dose. In can give you a bit of insomnia so it's better to take in the morning. I would talk with your doctor and find a reason/solution on why it only seams to be working in the morning.
I might think it was strange but it wouldn't freak me out where I needed to be shielded from her. I think if she is always been normal enough, which it seems like you get along with her I wouldn't be scared of her. You're comfortable enough to use her computer and printer. But in this situation I don't think you can be certain it's hers or what she was doing with it.
You really can't know if she has friends over or does she have a boyfriend/partner? Does she date? Anyone could of looked up those sites. Her sons friends could have used the computer if their laptop was broken. Quote: It just didnt occur to me that there would be something private in her history. I kind of assumed it would look like my history... Ebay, Online Banking, popcorn ball recipes, etc... I wouldn't have expected porn either but I google...
I think if she had really bad porn, like child porn, she probably wouldn't let you use her computer. You went into her history so it's possible someone else has used her computer as well.
I've only seen it as a last name but to me it sounds a little more boyish but since you're asking I'm thinking you might want it for a girl.
Just a FYI - I have comcast cable just in case anyone else has that. I called and gave them the prices that directv was offering and they took worked with me. I had called about 6 months ago and asked if they could do anything and they couldn't but I didn't have any prices with me and wasn't really threatening to switch. They weren't able to adjust the price of my internet because I didn't want to lower my speed.
New Posts  All Forums: