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You can also donate them to animal shelters just in case you don't actually want to have to do anything with them. They need blankets and sheets. Edited - Oops I see it was already posted.
It sounds good. I love homemade tortilla soup. It's 100 degrees here though and way to hot for soup.
I know tortilla soup usually has chili powder. I would add garlic and fresh cilantro if you had it. I think mozzarella is fine if this is more of a use up leftovers dinner. I normally use a mexican queso cheese for tortilla soup.
That's great. At first I read it that you knocked it TO $72 a month and I had to click to figure out how you did that. My cable recently took off $40/month (it's really high) if I agreed to a year contract. I was fine with that since I have them for my internet. They also threw in free HBO.
I'm glad you guys will get to go.
Quote: This is not a normal Stepmom doesn't want DH to see his kid case... she was MARRIED while this other kid popped up... she didn't go into this marriage knowing or thinking she'd ever have to be a Stepmom. Cut the poor woman some slack. She said she found out two days before the marriage. That's not a lot of time, but she did go into the marriage knowing who her husband was and that he had a potential child out there. I do feel for you for what...
If I could afford I would go along with it but I would probably find different ties if possible. I think $50 is a lot for childrens ties.
Quote: Oh, and to touch on the drinking thing(another reason I deleted the post). He is a recovering alcoholic. He has never drank around my kids, and barely me for that matter. He was drinking at night, by himself after work. He will always be in recovery, and may have slip ups. Does that mean we shouldn't move forward with our life? Is he just done because of that? No. I know he has this weakness, and we work with it. YMMV, but he won't always be in...
I think I would paint the cabinets white and the walls whatever color you like. I might take out that outer cabinet/bar and put in an island but that would take out some storage. You could also replace the countertops for fairly cheap as well.
I would do it on a budget. Instead of buying a bracelet. Get tickets and do a few rides. Just do a couple games. Bring a picnic or eat first and maybe lket the kids get an ice cream cone there.
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