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Yes but only with my hands. I am addicted to hand sanitizer. With everything else I think I am pretty middle of the road, except when I am cooking, then I am very concious of hand washing.
Have your records been sent over to the new Doctor? If not I would request those while you look for a new doctor. Also if you plan on TTC I would look for a RE.
I did three rounds of clomid and wasn't told anything about cysts. I didn't get pregnant & luckily I didn't get a cyst but now I am reading a lot about clomid & cysts. Is there another medication option available to you? Maybe an injectable?
You'll have to let us know what you choose. I think I can guess though.
My concern would be about the quality of food, especially the meat but according to Red it is good. I believe in karma and I would just try to give back somehow.
Ugh, I just had a septic tank problem a couple weeks ago. It ended up being pumped for around $800 as well. The biggest problem is the house is old and the original owners covered the tank with asphalt in the driveway so we didn't know where it was. It took a lot of digging. : I am so glad it's taken care of. I hope you are able to get it taken care of quickly.
What about the 3.5 quart dutch oven & an ice cream maker? ice cream Of course that's because I am addicted to ice cream. I think it's harder to pick online when you can't look and touch. I do have a couple Le Crueset pieces and a really good non stick pan already so I would probably get an All Clad piece and some baking dishes or serving trays. A fondue pot would be fun. Good Luck!!
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