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If he was CIA he would be smart enough to give you a cover job. ETA- At least that's what I learned from my 5 years of watching Alias.
I love the business card idea. I'm sorry you lost out on a potential friend. It's so hard to meet new people.
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica.
I would go and get some blood work done. When ever I am anemic I am covered in bruises but it can also be something more serious. Why is it the fair skinned people always seem to be the bruisers?
I voted for beets only but I don't know if I've ever really had baileys. I love black licorice though.
Quote: Still trying to figure out what a BFK is.... I can't figure that out either.
Where do you get your soap and cleaning products? I get mine at Target instead of the grocery store because they are a lot cheaper.
I don't think you are baking your bread long enough, and probably not at a high enough temperature. Most bread recipes I use bake anywhere from 45-50 minutes up to 65-70 minutes. I would try raising the temperature up to at least 375-400 and give it at least 45 minutes. You might need to cover the bread loosely with tinfoil after a while. You can try knocking on the bottom of the loaf and it should sound hollow.
It's fine. If they want a meal the party will probably we over around dinner time so they should be able to stop and eat on there way out of town.
Quote: I don't even know you but immediately I thought "I can't even picture you NOT working!!!" Something very professional...maybe a law office? Thanks. I have been looking for a while but it's getting so stressful. There isn't much out there. I'm looking at admin work and bakeries. What a combo.
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