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Quote: Also, if you are at a busy bar and tip the bartender big on your first drink then they will be more inclined to make sure that you are taken care of quickly for your next drinks. That is pretty nice when you are one of several dozen people clamoring for a drink and it can be hard to catch the bartender's eye. They also tend to make your drinks a bit stronger, saving you from having to buy that extra drink which is nice.
I agree, I tip 20% +, I was just pointing out they didn't appear to be in a the type of place you were describing.
Quote: He came to school once with a broken nose and told me it has happened many times before- I was concerned- he obviously wasn't.. Interesting. Maybe a boxer.
It doesn't sound like they were at a $50 steak place either. $148 divided by 5 people, minus two bottles of wine, two desserts? Maybe $20 steaks.
What is it that he does now?
Is there a job in my near future?
akc.org or you can also just google image the particular breed you want to come up.
Another good message board is soberrecovery.com. They have an al-anon section and it was really helpful to me.
I would say around $1200-1500. It's been years since I've had to have anything repaired though. Glad you're OK! If you're within $1000 to the bluebook they may just total it.
I think she would want to see it. Making a copy is a good idea. I hope that her father wouldn't take the tape from her and would allow her to see it.
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