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Is he in a position where he could go to a detox center for three days and do it with help? Usually detox is covered by insurance. Otherwise I would also suggest Al-anon for you and hopefully he would go to AA.
I say Thomas. Theodore & Eleanor together remind me of the president.
It can't hurt, especially since you have three free visits. You don't generally see them for therapy though. On your first appointment they will see you for about a hour and take your history and assess you. They'll figure out with you if you need a RX and then your follow up appointments are generally 15 minutes to talk about the medication and how your feeling.
Can you get a second opinion from another dentist or oral surgeon and see if there is something they can do to fix the pain? Is it possible you have TMJ and that is fixable? Maybe if you find a way to deal with the pain you'll be able to forgive yourself for your decision.
Maybe you can get her a couple new school outfits and have her practice trying them on and make it fun.
Lucky Charms & Capt'n Crunch are really good too!
Quote: 3) I'm an introvert. So trying too hard would be exhausting for me. I am a one on one person- I don't like groups. And I really hate forcing myself to be social. I'm an introvert too and I am not working right now. It's really hard to make new friends. I can totally relate OP.
Quote: If this were my dd, I would kick the guy out. Well he may be part of the problem but the common denominator seems to be the daughter. In the OP she seems to be the one screaming all the time. I don't know what I would do. I think it's hard to know the right way to step in and how it's going to be taken by them. If you want to help maybe you could offer to babysit for the daughter if she needed a break but she might wonder why or she might...
I would get sandwich stuff like turkey & cheese, chips or pretzels. It's so hot, maybe some some ice cream or popsicles.
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