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Quote: If you could only eat one flavor ice cream, it would be... Chocolate If I could only wear one pair of shoes they would be....
When does this start?
I would call and ask them. I volunteered before at a local food bank and they didn't have any perishable items so I would check before buying anything that needs to be refrigerated.
I can understand the mowing if it was out of control but the water thing is strange for the summer. A lot of places you can't even water on certain days.
I don't have any advice but I didn't want to read and not respond.
This is sad. I heard earlier on the news.
Do they have their own show?
Quote: no, he'll just blame me for losing his job and try to "stick it to me" but probably still find a way to buy his cigarettes. I'll try this once I have a job and we can afford for him to lose his. I really don't want it on my shoulders that there is no money for groceries or rent. I realize he knows this, and this is why he does that, but I kind of feel backed into a corner right now. Can you set the alarm earlier than normal so he has a chance...
Quote: yes but the alarm doesnt wake up and he blames me. I can not do it, and I know I am not wrong, but that doesn't mean hes going to be nice to me. Yes but he isn't being nice to you either way. Let him wake up on his own a few mornings with the alarm clock. He'll learn.
Quote: I have no problem waking him up. I just don't like being forced into doing something that makes him be mean to me. This is easily fixable. Get an alarm clock. Don't set yourself up every morning.
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