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Everyone else has given you brilliant, top notch advice. Poor sweet mama. I'm glad you got to get out of the house to collect yourself. I know that one day, i too will be called upon the embrace the chaos,and hopefully i can do it. I screamed at my one child today, if it makes you feel better. I just got fed up to 'here' with her running away from me when i try to dress her. So, her dad took her and talked to her, and then she came in and kissed me and apologized, and so...
My dh is from the Rep. of Georgia in the former USSR. We've been married for seven years and met and fell in love almost ten years ago when dh was a foreign exchange student . He is HIGHLY americanized and has impeccable English. He wants to get his citizenship soon so he can work for the Foreign Office . For the most part, all cultural differences have been minor and not a big deal. There are two or three things that have at times driven a wedge between us (not...
Only one main thing: His complete and total inability to say 'no' to a person if they happen to come from his native country . It matters not if he likes them or anything, just that they are Georgian is enough to allow them to bug the hell out of him and compel him to spend his very limited time and energy on them . THAT is a very major issue at our house right now, and very stressful. But this will never change, i am sure.
I would have to say that probably for him it stems from the fact that he really is away from you an awful lot. Not that i am condemning you for working, not at all. Just simply stating the fact that he is more clingy to you because of that. And four really is still quite babyish for many kids emotionally, particularly boys from what i understand. You may just have to submit your soul to it and realize that it will change sooner than you know.
I will just say that i lean more towards your perception of Dr. Sear's stance than a lot of what i see here. Which is not so popular, but that's ok; we all do things differently.
None of my fantasies can really be adequately carried out in the monogamous married relationship we have :LOL . For example, it's not probable that Gary Sinise is ever going to bump into me in a New York bookstore, fall instantly in lust, and insist on bearing me off to his enormous gorgeous apt. to screw the hell out of me for hours
Hey, that's very nice! You can stroke them and love on them while feeding . Do you have one now for Nitara?
Quote: Originally Posted by intensity_too I'll be thinking of Liam and her family. I am assuming she had planned on a homebirth and the breech presentation was a surprise . . . am I correct on this?? I was just curious. Yes, she was planning a homebirth.
Oh, no Christine! I had no idea! I will certainly send a card through Susan, and of course be praying fervently for her.
Ok, we have been ttc for over a year now. DD is 2.5, and we are in the last stages of weaning. It has gone MUCH more peacefully than i could have imagined, and i am grateful. We are only nursing once, sometimes twice a day, and not even for very long (just can't take it physically anymore). Who all has gotten knocked up immediately after weaning, is what i want to know .
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