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I think you'll have to take your ex to court over this lest it become your legal issue if he continues nonpayment :(
I let her drip the beet juice into the panckae batter, does that count? 
With the toddlers (2.5 and 16 month) I'd ask to have your family groups in front of one another so when those little ones are kicking seats it is not strangers - that always mortified me when DD kicked the seats in front of her. 
Seems like your husband knows and you have doubts?  I just always knew we only wanted one child for a myriad of reasons, some similar to yours.  We’ve worked hard to combat the “oh poor you” or “oh poor DD” commentary that implies that siblings are the end-all-be-all in the world while being friendly and respectful towards those with larger families than our own (a tightrope for sure).  For us, we just knew, no regrets and no doubts. 
Oh yes Ender's Game! 
I would write a polite letter offering 1100 and talking about your being long-term renters who take care of the property.  I would NOT tell them why you love the neighborhood; have friends next door, etc.  It would give THEM leverage to maintain the higher price.  I also think if they began at $1500 it would be quite impressive to get a landlord to come down to $1100, but it does not hurt you to try!
I agree that the priorities should be: 1. 401k to get full match 2. Roth IRA (if qualified) 3. Max 401k 4. College Savings For us, that means that (since we get no 401K match) we max out both of our Roth IRAs, have marital investment in addition (mixed risk investments) and a 529 and UGMA for our daughter.  So that means that because we are under 50 years old we will put 5K each into our ROTH IRAs this year, then additional investment into our mutual funds...
You can each have your own individual accounts at the same bank and have one (empty) joint account you use to pass money back and forth.  In addition you can file taxes Married Filing Seperate and give instructions to your bank NOT to allow your spouse access to your individual account.  You would still, if you divorced in the future, have to declare this financial activity, but you can certainly create your own account and file your own taxes (ideally file first) if you...
I'd do 1. six months emergency fund 2. any other debt (mortgage, etc.) and then 3. save up for down-payment on a house (if that is a goal of yours) and 4. regularly invest in retirement, a 529 or UGMA for your kids and Life Insurance. 
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