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      duh I left rent/mortgage off my BASIC list, oops, I bet heat, water and electricity would not do much good without a place to use/experience them. 
I think of UTILITIES and BASIC NECESITIES as different things; UTILITIES are anything I pay for and could use in my home – technologies, services, etc. so phone, internet, electricity, cleaning service, etc. BASIC NECESSITIES for me means those that would vastly change my standard of living in the areas of physical comfort: gas, electricity and water.  I don’t see phone, internet or others as BASIC to my well being even if they are in my PERSONAL minimum, kwim?...
I wish I had an answer for you! Does his therapist have any suggestions?  Other Moms with ASD kids?   
Hug Those calm graceful Mamas are the ones who’ve made it out of the house and by sheer luck have babies that they mesh with.  Your daughter sounds very smart and delightful for those of us who would have smaller time period interactions but being 100% Mom to someone that energetic and intense is HARD.  I have a close friend with a daughter like this and her life got MUCH better at four (her daughter also turned out to be lactose intolerant and taking that out...
I think the ethical thing to do is go househunting again with the bank reimbursing your whole cost of this house's purchase and the costs of a realtor for the second house. 
You might have good luck talking to the people who run the EFMP program, even if you are not joining it right away with your boys. Also, if the PCMs at your MTF don't seem to give you good care each MTF has an Ombudsman you can route complaints through, and the step after that would be to switch to Standard and get a civillian provider you trust?   Good luck!     
Nope, and I bet after being without a dishwasher for a while you'll notice yourself washing and re-using prep bowls throughout meal prep vs. using as many :) I know I did.
Yeah, give the seller a chance to refund your money but absolutely ask for it - opened and registered does not = new in box/unused.
We bought a used Forester, 8 years old and it is the BEST family car I've owned.  Good mpg, great room for packing up the family on road trips, just right and runs great.  I'd keep your eye out for one of those if you can :) I do not think the car the dealiership is offering you is the best idea.     
Please do NOT post your personal link to the site as this violates our User Agreement.  You may post about a deal but not a direct link to a deal where you will benefit/make money.  If you have any questions feel free to PM myself or another moderator.  
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