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For your son/his father have your DH make videos of him doing day-to-day stuff with Dad.  Take pictures of "a day in the life of" them together, have DH record stories on video (anyone with an iPhone can help you, you don't need a big fancy video recorder).  Have DH keep a journal for DS about what being away means for him, how he thinks of his son, etc. for your son to read as an adult if he has any worries about what happened during this time.  And know that kids...
Also, if your daughter becomes a single mother on active duty the military will work with her on a "family care plan" where she designates who will care for the chidl if she is deployed.  So even if she gets sole physical/legal custody you may be able to back her up to be able to stay in if she so wishes, they also can have her resign her commission/enlistment early due to family circumstances like this if she does not want to have to deploy as a single mother. A good...
There are many great foster care situations in Hawaii, especially in the military community, so let that help your mind a bit. Absolutely call and offer to come and care for the child but know that you will not be able to take the child out of state for a long time if you go, so if the child is in good care with a foster family for a longer period you may want to request Skype/Email contact?  I know of one case where a less than six month old child was given to a...
British Journal of Urology International I was really glad to see the study out there making the rounds on social networking, etc. even if the "graphs" used to show loss of sensitivity are based on "size" drawings of said area.  Felt a bit market-y but I think nonetheless the study and it's publicity will be another tool to those who want "proof" about leaving children intact as born.  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/03/prweb512999.htm            
Moved to Perth a few months ago and certainly have had no issue finding the crunchy side - compared to the US the ease of finding crunchy/midwifery/homebirth-friendly was no issue now I'm wondering how much more crunchy wonderful NSW / GC must be :) 
 I just want to say how impressed I am at all the hard work done during MDC transition. You are all such a great team
No, I would never do such a thing as their appetite increases at this age (hence the sleep regression), they are under a year old (way too young to wean), introducing formula or cows milk could both cause great gastrointestinal unrest (less sleep) adn this classic sleep regression age passes eventually.  If you need a few particular hours a night you can have your DH comfort the waking child but be prepared for MORE nursing after the big break.  
I was awful to my stepdad at that age, he was consistent and firm but with no hitting or yelling.  My Mom took on the biggest stuff, but really it was the age and he was an easy target.  We are now very close as adults.  Good luck to your DH. 
Local grocery chains are Safeway & Foodland, you can check prices on their websites. 
Don't see a lot of old cars sitting around in the main areas, maybe out in the sticks?  Depending on the neighborhood chickens no problem, goats in some areas but not others.  Funding was bad under the previous Governer (R) but the new Governer (D) probably won't make the same mistake, it really was a huge BOMB and the legistlature voted it could not happen again.  Public schools vary but each island has a few good ones.  Property taxes are high because the value of the...
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