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The only one I hear of people using is Hawaiian, they tend to have the most regular "cheap" fares. 
www.redheartphoto.com is on Oahu but she does work on all islands and is AMAZING.      
No. No. No. Trust your gut, and No.   
DH and I have "offered" to call Santa re: behavior for the last week, it was amazingly effective.  
Your situation may be different but I know my grandmother's generation were often stay-at-home mothers and stigmatized working mothers, something your grandmother may have experienced.  Maybe she is doing the reverse in some defensive state?      
Our testing by licensed PsyDs was about $500 and made positive differences for us in the ability for Maya to be both integrated into the social experience of her grade level and peers while having the teacher know to give her more interesting book work so that she does not fall behind out of boredom.  It does not make for a lot of visible changes for those not involved, but it allows her to have the best possible experience in school we believe :)  We did it at five and...
I'm so glad she is gone, pity due to holidays or not, your child and the others at that center are safer.  And you now know that your gut is 100% RIGHT when it comes to the caregivers of YOUR children.  We DO have a Fathers section here at MDC where your husband is welcome to post, we'd love for it to get more active :)     
http://www.amazon.com/Radio-Flyer-Pathfinder-Wagon-Red/dp/B002JCS7X4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1292666164&sr=8-2 Red Wagon to ride in a the park, go for walks in, later use as a set-up for lemonade stands, etc.      
If you are doing it in a soothing loving way, I'd say do it.  Once in a while when DD had an out of control over tired tantrum I'd wrap her in a towel from the shoulders down so she would stop hitting/kicking herself/me/the wall and whisper songs to her and she yelled and cried and lashed out and fell into sleep every time becuase she was beyond being able to calm herself down.  I used the same towel and sometimes I'd ask her in a tantrum if she needed "towel cuddles"...
I'd say normal baby behavior.  DD had silent reflux and it was EVERY time she ate and not just coming up in the throat but screamng with arching back from the heartburn/pain.  I think he might be be a bit pflegmmy right after eating but reflex for me was more than just hearing it in the throat but the associated pain she had on plain 'ol breastmilk.  4 - 5 time s a night is     I napped with Maya for an hour each day  at 7 months - I needed the extra sleep and it...
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