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Looks like Moms of Many does not have a December thread up but I'm sure they'll be back around in January after the busy holiday season! Link: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1156159/moms-of-many-it-s-november    
Hello Friend :)  *waves*
Has been removed for moderator review.  Please do not post regarding this thread until it returns.  If you have any questions please PM a Moderator.      
A friendly reminder regarding our MDC User Agreement:   "Do not post profane or sexually explicit text or link to sexually graphic images. Discussions of a sexual nature should be within the realm of topics inherent to Mothering discussions such as sex after delivery, sex and the family bed, etc."   This thread is about concern regarding kids and sexual jokes and a parent's concern.  Ongoing discussion about any sexual acts themselves or descriptions therein are...
I think you are overreacting to the idea that playing on it would be molested, BUT they are your feelings and your children and avoiding the sexual-pun themed park equipment on the streetcorner is certainly within reason.
Your DD sure is a sprawler :) 
Good advice...thank you.....I think I will start the treat tokens because I think that will work with her.We went to the farmers market this morning and she asked for water which was $3 a bottle, we live three blocks away so I told her that I would not buy a bottle but give her a drink when we got home (she'd been drinking water with breakfast 20 minutes prior at home) and she SCREAMED the whole way home.  It is a power struggle, when I step back I can see it but darn if...
I am at my wit's end with DD lately and her behavior, although I readily admit that she is usually so well behaved that my standards are quite high (read: I think this behavior is all normal for a kid but I'm overwhelmed because I'm not used to it). Picky eating, nothing tastes right and she'll constantly ask for food (because she probably IS hungry) but refuses to eat more than a roll of bread or an apple. She used to love olives and kidney beans as a snack, pepperoni...
Babywise is a book we can not host positive discussion about here at MDC, it advocates a style of parenting that MDC considers dangerous and abusive.  Please do look at the above link, and read up in our Family Bed & Nightime Parenting forms about healthy infant and parent sleep patterns that won't harm infants as babywise following can and will.    
@jellybeanmumma you might want to look into the psychological profile of sensation-seeking people.  Many are high-needs children and grow into creative adventurous wonderful adults who, when raised by parents who were similar as kids, have a great experience of being allowed to explore and experience childhood in their own way.  
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