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I'd do a twin mattress on the floor together in a bare-bones room so that if they wake up and crawl they can get in no trouble :) 
bump, great question. I think there is a lack of gender-neutral green toys that are not marketed to girls or boys, I think if there were more toys that did not fall into the gender marketing trap that gets my hackles up I'd buy more often.    
Oh I wish I could - the snooze button plus snoring from DH makes him the much less welcome partner in my bed, DD is much nicer to sleep with :) 
Could it be the two year molars coming in?
It could also be a combination of the extra stress and two-year molars waking her up?
We do a messy party where we find a place the kids can play with paint or cornstarch/water and get really messy - they love it! 
Welcome! I'm an American just moved to Perth, another big jump in the opposite direction. Congrats on finding a great midwife, that can make all the difference!
We are PCSing overseas TOMORROW MORNING, I'm so excited and nervous and busy but wanted to sub to this thread before I loose it Australia here I come.....
I want to thank Lauren in TN for the gorgeous winter coat,jacket and warm pj's she sent my 3 year old..I am sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you but I don't have internet access.Thank you for your help in keeping her warm this winter..It really helps when you are down to know there are wonderful people out there that care.. Thank you so much..FIN #7
not normal, not okay
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