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Do you plan to take the inspector to court?
I've only ever rarely seen them cover homebirth and that is based on state, etc. and it's always a fight depending on rules they are forced to follow in some states. Good luck.
I won't loan $ I want back and often I'll offer as a gift as I am happy to share (ie. a friend had her husband died, I paid to fly our mutual friend/her best friend to be with her, etc.). I'd rather gift $ than be asked for it.
Sales booze and I make infused vodka aka. vanila extract
I don't work but I have friends who are pooling so a group of parents rotate who takes off the Friday so you don't have to do it as often. Another SAHM I know is turning into 'beach fridays' I'm interested to know if people think the court case will overturn it?
I'm so sorry for the loss
nope many are all on a private Oahu AP board - PM me for the link Also - Na Kamalei, Windward LLL are common AP Mama meetups on island.
I think the hard thing bitsandbobs is that this parenting board is not just for research, in fact Moms (and Dads) come here and share challenges and successes with one another and to learn how to do a better job. So it's hard when your question come in with a negative thesis - looking at the failure as so possible by concentrating on random numbers, and there is no "share"/understanding perspective. You are trying to present a scientific-style argument to a group who are...
I think a clay handprint painted, or a handmade card colored by DS would be awesome and set a friendly precident.
I saw a few in the $10 range at a Carter's Outlet in sizes up to 6X.
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