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My son has a Latex allergy and reacts to some diapers and not others. Does anyone know if Lastin contains Latex? I've tried to contact the company at info@lastin.net and had my email returned. Thanks!
The WF books suggests using recycled crocks (like from a crock pot) and there is no mention of a tight fitting lid. He suggests a plate with a rock or other weight on top of it. I'm just getting into fermenting my own foods. So far all I've done is sourdough bread, but I have a big list of foods I want to do. I have a cabbage in my fridge waiting to be fermented later today. NT's ketchup is also on my list, I'm watching for answers to whether it was good or not.
I recently got some water grains and they are working great, but I discovered dh, dd and I don't like any of the fizzy drinks it makes. We do like milk kefir in smoothies though. Can I put them in milk? Will it kill them? If I can't put them into milk, would anyone like to trade some milk grains for my water grains? I have about 1/4 cup.
I made some of Diane's Oatmeal Cereal over the weekend with dried cherries, blueberries and coconut. I've had to stop the family from eating it all! It gets a big from our house.
The short story is the a lamp fell over and the bulb broke on the floor. The bulb was a low energy bulb that contained mercury. My daughter called me from the other room and when I got there my 7-month-old son was in a pile of broken glass and had a piece in his mouth. I called 911, firemen arrived, they knew nothing about mercury and didn't believe it was in the bulb until I showed them the box stating it was. I also called poison control who told me not to worry...
I'm interested if no one else is.
B: Leftover Muesli L: Leftover Chicken Chowder D: Roast Chicken, Baked Beans, Salad
My first child LOVED dill pickles. I think they are great teethers, cold, firm yet soft. I use our home canned ones or I try to find low sodium pickles when we are out. We are still holding off on solids with Trevor, but he has had a few tastes thanks to big sister.
I am in need of several fleece covers. They must be side snapping, no velro or front snapping. I like SugarPeas but can't find medium size anywhere. Please make suggestions. Thanks mamas!
I haven't been around much, the expansion to two kids has kept me busy. It's nice to read how everyone else is doing. I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. Anneliese is 2.5 now and is very excited about all the lights in our neighborhood. It's a lot of fun to watch her take it all in. Trevor is a man on a mission. He just finished cutting his second tooth. Those gorgeous gummy smiles are gone. I miss them. He's been rolling over since 2 weeks...
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