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Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaLopez It's also the difference between the effect of formula vs breastmilk flowing into the eustachian tubes--formula allows infections to grow, while breastmilk is useful for fighting infections, which is why we use it for things like pink eye. Absolutely!
Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal_R The nurse on our one day check up told us we'd kill our baby if we colsept and it had happened to a mom who was sleeping with her baby on her couch last year. Yeah, b/c one mom unsafely cosleeping means everyone who does it will die. I remember this story and the mom was on drugs. So yeah, it's dangerous if you are drunk or high...just about anything is!
Quote: Originally Posted by Close2Me Her hair bugs me a little too but might just need a deep conditioner. I think they all could benefit from a trim and a deep conditioning treatment!
Wow, my state is one where it's legal. I truly thought it was illegal here. I used to work in the schools and I don't know any principal who still does that, but most principals that I worked under were women.
On a lighter note, I thought Lynne's cuff bracelets were really cute. I wouldn't spend $300 on one, but I would wear them!
Vicki is unbelievable. So rude. So hateful. I'm so sick of seeing her on here. She gets worse and worse. But I was cracking up when she tripped and fell off those steps.
Quote: Originally Posted by garrettsmommy The one I saw on The Soup was a principal talking to 2 boys about a dance where people were dancing too close. The boys were then going through all kinds of funny scenarious like "what if I was just bending over to tie my shoe and he was standing behind me and he was stretching. Is that too close?" It was really funny. I saw this!!! TOO FUNNY!!!
I hear ya... If I would leave my hair it's original color and not color it blonde, people could totally tell my ancestry. I have dark skin (even darker in the summer), the cheekbones, the nose, the eyebrows, the eye shape, etc. But man, around here, if you don't look it, the NAs who do will be kind of mean about it. I wish it wouldn't be like that. One of my kids looks NA, one doesn't. I don't know how it will be for them in the coming years.
HEY HAM!!!! I did this in the drive thru at McDonald's on Saturday night!!! My husband said, Are you sure you can do that?? I said, Watch me! And I did!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole I think handbags to girls are like game systems to boys. Sure, money could be spent on more essential items but no one freaks out when a boy has his own game system and games even if his family is poor. For girls, it's handbags. The boys want the games all the other boys have, the girls want the bag or the shoes or the jeans. And now with celebrity culture being what it is, the expectations are even...
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