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Totally watching.............. this is my fave show
Oh yeah!!! These girls are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Where in the world do they buy their clothes?? or lack of?:
Mine are 14 months apart. My first was planned. My 2nd was an awesome surprise! I'm really glad it turned out this way. I have to admit the transition from 1 child to 2 was really hard....just with him being a baby himself! The first two months were very hard on me. From then on it seemed to get easier. I already had my baby stuff out. And it's so cute watching my now 21 month old play with my 7 month old. He tried to hold her and baby talks to her. It's awesome. I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelsSahm Looks like next week I'm not going to be a big fan of gretchen. And I agree with Tamra, I wouldn't be on vacation if my husband or the person I care about is in the hospital. Yeah - I'm thinking I won't be Gretchen's biggest fan next week.
I wouldn't force them to get a haircut. My mom did that to me in the 3rd grade and I felt so awful and bad about myself for a whole year. I cried and cried. It was awful and I still remember it. And I hate looking at pictures of myself when my hair was short.
I wrote in as well. I'm still mad that she went on air and told everyone this! Can't believe she thinks that is ok! REally!?!? Is she high?? Gawd! Oh and I had no idea she left her 2 YEAR OLD IN LA!!!??? I can't imagine moving across the country without my kids! OMG!
I have never watched this and glad I don't!
I think their makeunders were horrendous! I really think they need a lot of makeup to look good. The only one who looked better was Vicki. Lauri looks like a man without much makeup...I think it's because of those cheek implants and the nose job. I usually think she's pretty, but I thought she looked awful in those pics. They even made Gretchen look bad. And she's gorgeous!
Mine bites too. She just got two new little teeth coming up from the bottom. I've tried offering a teether, but she'd rather bite me. And when she does it, she bites and pulls....oh it hurts!!! What to do, what to do?
I had it bad....but didn't stop bfing....it's sad that they stopped
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