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It's been almost seven months and no period, but I've been getting some period-like cramps. So who knows?!
I couldn't watch the whole thing. I think the guy's a big fat douche-bag for doing that. I bet that baby's shoulder is dislocated from that. Dumb guy!
Mine is 21 months and we bought a potty around 18 months. Mine is very predictable as well. I knew I could get him on the potty in the mornings. So that's what we did. And now he tells me "toilet" and we go sit on the potty. He usually does this in the mornings. Some at night or afternoon as well. He has only peed in it once. I think it's a great start!
My 21 month old moves furniture ALL THE TIME. I don't know how he's so strong??!
Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess Nichole - I understand what you're saying and I agree. I wouldn't classify these women as housewives under the traditional sense of the word. Jeanna and Vicky have careers. Tamra and Lynn aren't housewives. They have help (nannies, maids, etc.), and Gretchen isn't even a wife yet. Tamra, Jeana, and Gretchen are all real estate agents. Tamra and Jeana still work now, but I think Gretchen quit to help...
Be firm with your sister. It's NOT okay to hit children...especially a baby. She needs to know and UNDERSTAND that you will not tolerate it.
All I can say is that woman has some nerve.......geez
geez louise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop playing with my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not a toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess : I can't stand how Vicky treats new people. Her constant need to work and her constant desire to tell people how hard she's working and the way she treats others, including her husband, shows she needs some heavy duty counseling. She's got a ton of issues. nak......Don seems like such a good guy... i feel sorry for him
Gawdddd....I hate The View:
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