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I never did find out why Lauri left....anyone know?
They have all these episodes in backtracking order. It confused me. Anyway, I can't believe Matt went on to Iraq and didn't go to the funeral.
Oh we totally watched it. It looked like that racist mother was going to get a beat down from Vita. I can't believe she said all those things!
Quote: Originally Posted by MovingMomma The article said she'd never watched Survivor before she was cast. And casting directors look at tapes/auditions/headshots/etc. from other shows. But The Batchelor is on ABC, not CBS, so ??? Yeah, that totally doesn't make sense. She is probably a liar too and lied about being recruited.
Ugh! Corinne is just gross. Disgusting.
Ok, I'm watching the finale....Corinne is just an absolutely disgusting person! I can't believe she made that incredibly rude, hurtful and hateful comment about Sugar's dead father.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina : because he asked her was it a boy or a girl I couldn't tell if he said...'IS IT?" OR "WAS IT?"
Yeah he died from the leukemia. The article said "fiance'"....so I guess they didn't get married yet.
I didn't catch one of the episodes....did Lilly have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption??
Gretchen's fiance died in September. I read that in US weekly today. Oh and why did Lauri quit? My tivo stopped recording before it ended so I didn't catch that part.
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