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Yeah Nicole will steal Sami's baby......classic soap move Don't like new Brady Don't like Chloe and Lucas together
WOW! I would have been staring too! Did she have her crocodile birkin with her?? Her 25K bag?? I would have been looking at that too! I can't believe she used to be a ZZ top girl. I would have never guessed that just by looking at her.
restylane too!
OH! That little girl with cancer crushed me. I wished they had given those people more of the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by angelpie545 Exactly! I'm amazed at how little it takes for Lauren to throw away her friendships. I hope she doesn't cut off Audrinna. I know....even her and Lo were not talking for a little while there.... That's why Lo wasn't in any of the first season.
www.kylelowder.net This is his myspace page and he has some pics of him and Arianne (Nicole)..... She has a site .... www.lowdsuga.com it's her jewelry line
I know...Nicole's losing her baby was definitely sad. I like old Brady better. Old Brady is Nicole's hubby in real life. The new Brady is/was Ethan on Passions. Seems like they are scooping up the actors from Passions...Luis and Ethan...I wonder if they'll get any others?
Well I saw inside edition and they showed Sheree's mug shot from back in the day. She was arrested for theft and something else. She has a record. Wow. She comes off so hoity-toity, I would have never guessed she was ever arrested for anything. Then, they also talked about Kim. She had an affair with a cop when she was 17 and he was fired over it. That one didn't surprise me, though. I was a little surprised at the reunion when they asked Nene if she used to be a...
Lauri is looking Michael Jackon-ish. She's done too much of something. I think she's had too much filler. The lips look a bit much and she got some weird things going on with her cheeks too. Cheek implants??? Gretchen's diamonds....holy moly! Lots of big rocks! I ain't sayin' she a gold-digger, but she ain't messin' with no (well you know how the rest of the song goes)............. Doesn't her fiance' look like Kenny Rogers (the way he used to look, not now, he had a...
I always liked the Cosby show. They were always a really close family. They never spanked....always talked it out. I loved Claire! She was awesome! Shaina, what did you hear about Bill Cosby and young girls?
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