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I stopped vaccinating my dogs a while back when I was researching vaccines for kids and found out all sorts of bad stuff about those as well. My dogs are healthier now than when we used to give them shots. Also, my friend used to own a pet store and she always had her dogs' shots up to date. Well, she bought a really expensive pedigreed puppy and dutifully took him to the vet for the shots. The dog had a really bad reaction and started having seizures. She said it...
Can you switch docs or just go "when" you need to and forgo the well baby visits? We dont' even do well baby visits. I feel like it's a waste of time and money. I can weigh and measure her here and we don't vax...so what's the point?
Yep.....they eloped. None of her family like him, so I"m not surprised that they ran away to get hitched.
Just for shiz and giggles go to youtube and type in Bonnie Hunt & Niecy Nash Take On "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Bonnie Hunt's "KIM" is pretty dead on....it's hilarious!
Kim lied....she's NOT 29...she's in her 40's. Her wig's age is about 67!! :: I'd watch Nene's hairdresser's show any day. He's FABULOUS!!! Nene and he should have a show together!
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWren I can't believe no one has mentioned NeNe's hilarious hairdresser friend. "Who is this sorry person having a fashion show with no fashion...how dreadful." : Or Deshawn's juuuurrry... Oh gosh...I love that guy...what was his name???
It would be hilarious if Lee's wife showed up to the reunion show to beat Kim's butt and also to take possession of that Escalade he bought for her!
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st Well I have been dying for gauch since that episode. I have a rock bowl and pestle too! She said- its in a rock- thats dirty!!! The ending said she still hasnt sat down w NeNe and had that glass of wine yet. Do you think Country singer boot camp will work?? Noooooooo......she's awful!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ramama OMG! That is too funny! That's like the time my 4yo DD said to my little brother's girlfriend "Do you have a baby?" "No." "I think you do, because you have REALLY BIG nurses!" OMG!!!!!
Cut into it and see if it really is a pepper or just some weird stem part.
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