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Quote: Originally Posted by Valkyrie9 Okay, I have to vent. I have a coworker who is trimming his fingernails right now. He's not in my direct space, but I can hear the, "Snick, snick" sound of the clippers and that sound drives me outta my mind. And then I think about little fingernail bits flying around in there. *shudder* There's a lady who sits behind us in church that does this and then gets out the metal nile file. UGH! Makes me...
Bee Movie
Nope, I can't tell right now. TNP is going to buy a bed-top co sleeper
I'm loading up on probiotics, ginger, aloe vera, and olive leaf so I hope this helps my stomach. I'm not puking anymore, but I'm still having bathroom issues and I really don't have an appetite. I'm hoping this goes completely away this weekend.
I wouldn't worry about it. Not a big deal.
Harrison Ford
Kristy--totally time to go home. Her country rendition was terrible..........ugh!
Quote: Originally Posted by nicole lisa I didn't want to crash the other thread as people are sharing their love of Birkenstocks so I've started this one to ask am I the only one who finds them just grotesque? I have never seen a pair I thought we cute OR looked good and didn't make the wearer's legs look like trunks. I much prefer cute and sleek and shoes and sandals/flip flops which continue a long line. And I own lots of really comfy shoes that...
I really like what Old Navy has.
Well, I'm "guessing" it's some type of flu because it hit me like a ton of bricks and sinus infections don't do me this way. For a week it was sinus stuff. Cough, stuffy head, headache. Then Sunday the puking and the water-diarrhea started. So I don't know what the heck this all is. Like I said, I don't get like this. I don't get the flu, I don't get stomach bugs. Sinus stuff is about all I get. But this is crazy. I actually ate a piece of toast today. So...
New Posts  All Forums: