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Ack, make sure to arrive by 9AM  -   9:30 sharp for the actual changing!
Tomorrow Morning - 9:30 saturday, come join us!  1035 Carol Lane, Lafayette CA
Guinness World Record will be set this week for most cloth diapers changed at the same time - thousands participating worldwide in celebration of Earth Day and choosing reusable products. Free Event - come even without a diaper and we will loan you one so your baby can participate in the record-setting change!   Date and Time is Saturday, April 23 at 9AM Pacific. Approximately 500 registered locations are available for families all over the U.S and worldwide which...
I had this issue with Ergo for my first 2 kids, then I switched to Beco. It provided a solid 4 inches more back height to hold their wiggles in.
The ideal hip carrier for older babies and toddlers who have outgrown a comfortable ring sling hip position, IMO is the Scootababy.
I like Beco first, then Ergo then Boba.
like a kelty frame backpack?   link
So much is personal preference and individual body types.  If you can't find some locally to try on, maybe buy one of each from a place with a great return policy so you can test them at home?
Yeah, if you don't have family around and you can't miss the class, then the only option is finding a person/place that does daycare for sick kids on short notice. And they do exist.
seems like he was oblivious
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