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We got our IgG ELISA food panel results back for my son and yeast was the worst offender out of the 96 followed by wheat and coconut. Any insight into the yeast? Does this point to systematic Candidia? Any links for rotational diets (my head is spinning!)? His main symptoms over the past 7 years have been chronic nasal congestion, asthma flares (cough variant), and most recently motor and vocal tics. We have been mostly gluten and dairy free in the past and eat a...
139- Go Blue!
139, Go blue!  
weighing in early this week due to being super busy the next few weeks. I am stuck, stuck, stuck. 140.  
139...does not seem to want to budge, but I have not really been able to get to the gym as much the last few weeks. I would like to get down to 133-135. Go blue team!
139- Go blue team!
138- blue team
Warning: Complaining to follow ;) I have been very pleased with losing weight thus far. HOWEVER I am losing it all in my breasts!!!! urgh. Wish some of it would come off in the areas that has a lot to give and I could keep my breasts! ok. complaining done.
138! Go BLUE TEAM!
I did good with food this week, but not with getting to the gym. Being a single mom+crazy week makes it so i am not always able to. Not sure if i can check in tomm. so I weighed tonight....     140!!! Go BLUE TEAM!  
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