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Drewsmom--I absolutely would NOT let press cover a chicken pox party.
Oh, guess I should say the natural parenting and LDS stuff, too, since that's what brings us all together. I started reading Mothering when I was pregnant. We had our kids at home with a midwife and birth assistant. We no longer vax and avoid other medical interventions when possible. We homeschool. We don't eat transfats or preservatives (nitrites and sulfites especially) or MSG for health, or wheat or cow milk due to allergies. We've stayed a one car family for 14...
Just subscribing. We have a 6 1/2 yr old son and a 3 1/2 yr old daughter. We're trying for our 3rd. I've taught birth classes and more recently have been spending my free time fiddling (bluegrass lately).
BTW, don't we usually start a new thread by now?
Sorry to hear what you're going through! I'm pretty sure I had another miscarriage this month. Had implantation bleeding but no positive preg test, then a week & 1/2 long period a week and a half later. But of course the medical world doesn't call it a miscarriage since they didn't have a positive pregnancy test. Feeling better now, though. Also just got back from a fiddle festival. Fun fun fun. Every mom needs an annual vacation of some sort. Dh was home with...
I think if the child asked, I would consider. I don't think I would bring up the idea.
Just today I overheard my 6 yr old was telling my 3 yr old that they would outlive me and Dh. I don't know how the conversation started. In the past we've shared with our son our belief that we will be together again in heaven, and that we will miss each other but see eachother again, but wouldn't assume that saying you don't know or that you believe death is the end would freak your kids out if you're at peace about it.
Ditto on exercises over surgery (which OBs will recommend. have a friend who was offered a hysterectomy for this!!!). Don't dis' the Kegels til you've learned to do them right. They really can help. Exercises for the Childbearing Year has good descriptions. Mayan Uterine Massage can help, too. Good luck!
Any ideas what this could be? No injuries, but yowzers! I've dealt with back pain before since I play violin/fiddle. But that I can usually stretch or massage better. Stretching's not helping. Yoga's not helping. Walking's not helping. Tylenol isn't even helping. It's come and gone before, but never been this bad. It especially hurts when I go to the bathroom. The only thing I can think of is possible endometriosis since it has seemed related to menstruation or...
When pregnant, I found that relaxing through the cramp was the best practice for labor contraction relaxation ever! :-)
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