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Since your dad & his wife are unable to properly contain the dog in another room, this dog needs to be crated when you visit.  Period.     A wire crate costs about $50 and would be a safe way to lock the dog away where it couldn't accidentally escape (I still don't understand how/why that is happening).  The crate can be located in the house but near the door for walks, and you need to be told when that crate door is going to be opened.   It sounds like they...
The heartbeat starts at about 6 weeks, so you'll probably see a heartbeat at 6w4d but you might not at 6w1d, YKWIM?   Hope the u/s goes well.
Name - SophieAnn EDD - Feb. 16 Other children - None Team - Green
Name (screen name or real):  SophieAnn EDD:  February 16 Number of kids/partner:  No kids, married to my hubby 5 years. General location, if you want to share:  Ontario, Canada   Hospital or home? Home Team blue or pink? Team yellow!  We're keeping it a surprise and will be happy either way. Earliest symptoms? Sore boobs, upset tummy and bloat. Surprise or TTC?  TTC - I was charting temp & CM (no OPKs) and we conceived in cycle 2 of TTC!
Can you move me to Graduates - June BFPs?   nearlyelated, have you tested yet?
  What about Zander... since it seems like you're a Joss Whedon fan.  ;)   I really like the name Inara too, but DH vetoed it.   We have a girl name and a boy name picked out but aren't sharing the info with anyone.   My former favourite girl name is my username, and I would have hyphened it as Sophie-Ann, followed by a middle name.  But, Sophie has gotten too popular for me to use it, and I've moved on to other favourites - that was 5 years ago after all.
Glad to hear your temp is up - sounds like you have ovulated!   I'm feeling pretty good, thanks.  I've had some very mild nausea but mainly I just feel like I have a bit of a tummy ache all the time (and definitely bloated).  My boobs also feel bigger/heavier/firmer.
  From what I've read, it's quite normal for the LH surge before O to be quite short (12 hours or less) so you'd expect to only get one positive followed by a negative.  It's short enough that women often miss if if they aren't doing OPKs often enough.  Sounds like you caught the surge and everything's just fine - don't worry!   This may help:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Faqs/Ovulation-Prediction-Kits--OPKs--.html   Honestly I've read a lot more frustration than...
delilahbeau - Yay for the positive OPK!  Good luck and positive thoughts to you.   jr'smom - Sorry to hear that this wasn't your month.  Hope you're feeling positive about a fresh start with a new cycle.
So, uh not sure if you all follow the ONE thread but.... I'm knocked up!  Got 2 positives last night at 12DPO, another 2 positives this morning.  Holy crap!  I'm so excited, and still I can hardly believe it.  Temp went up this morning too, and I've been feeling really gross for a few days - like I have a sore/upset tummy all the time.
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