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Tested last night (12DPO) - once again I was planning to test on a Saturday am and broke down and tested early on a Thursday evening.  But, I had been feeling really GROSS the last couple days and my chart was looking awesome so I actually thought I had a good chance....   BFP!  I took 2 dollar store tests (1 from Dollarama, 1 from Dollar Tree) and both were good, strong positives in the early evening.  This morning I tested again, one of each, and both were good...
Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that, writinglove.  
That option is available to basic members too - I am one, and just checked.   It's under Chart Settings -> Charting Settings, at the bottom of the page.  I would suggest you leave it in "Advanced" detection mode for at least a few more days.  If you've just ovulated, your temp shift will come and FF will revise the O day.
  Hubby and I spent a month in the North Island in September (2011 Rugby World Cup!!!) and totally wanted to move there too afterwards, but we would miss our family too much.  In a couple years we'll spend a month in the South Island - we can hardly wait to go back!
The crosshairs on your chart indicating ovulation are dotted lines, not solid which means that FF is unsure, but thinks you might have O'd.   I agree with you that it's wrong, CD15 seems quite likely to me too.  You'll probably get a temp rise tomorrow.  After 3 high temps FF will revise your ovulation day and you'll get solid crosshairs if the temp shift is clear and your CM changes to un-fertile.
9DPO here, waiting until Saturday morning to test at 14DPO. Hubby and I went for a nice hike on the weekend. I'm just doing my best to keep my mind off things. One evening this week I'll pick up some more dollar store tests because I only have 1 left.
You're welcome.  Also, I was just reading the Charting Q&A section on FertilityFriend (always something new to learn) and I saw this about temperature rise and ovulation:   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Faqs/Temperature-Rise-and-Ovulation.html   Your temperature may rise slowly in increments, or quickly, or it may even rise and fall slightly over several days. The rise in temperature is usually about 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.2 degrees Celsius, but the rise may be as...
  Fahrenheit or celsius?  A half degree difference between pre-O and post-O temps (fahrenheit) seems to be fairly normal/typical (and you've got more than that).  A slow rise in temp like you had also seems to be fairly normal.  I'm not as familiar with charts in celsius though.  Are you using FF to chart?  If FF has given you solid crosshairs to mark O, then the software is quite certain so it's all good (it would show a dashed line if it's unsure).   As with all things...
  Just post a link to your chart in this thread and add some bold text to alert doularebekah you're requesting a change to the first post.  She'll add a chart link beside your name.   If you're wondering how to create a link to your chart/create your sharing page on FertilityFriend, go to the menu near the top right: Sharing - Charting Home Page - Setup.
Congrats odinsmama!  Wonderful news!     Hope the BFPs keep coming!
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