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  Any news Katie?  Don't leave us hanging!!
GoBecGo those tests are definitely getting darker, especially when you compare 10DPO to 12DPO which look like they are the same brand of test.  CONGRATS!!!     AFM, I have been cramping nearly every day since O.  I cramp a few days leading up to O and normally the last day I cramp is on O day (and not again until CD2).  I'm pretty sure I'm either 6 or 7DPO and still cramping - it's a bit different than pre-O, it's more like twingy, tightness, sometimes tingly rushes,...
Hi ladies, I've been lurking for awhile but finally got the nerve to jump in.   Please add me to Waiting To Know (2WW).   This is our first cycle TTC.  I was on the pill for 15 years so I quit the pill a couple months early and charted for 2 cycles to make sure I was ovulating okay before moving on to relaxed TTC.  Charts here:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/g2u5us6n4   I really wanted to NTNP and ignore the calendar, but after charting a couple months...
Thanks so much for your reply!   I have been leaning more towards FMC (especially now that my friend who was with GM is now post-birth), so your experience definitely helps me feel better about choosing one over the other.
Do you think you O'ed between CD20-22?   I think that FF won't detect O until there has been 3 days of higher temps.  CD24 is a higher temp.  2 more temps at least that high and I'd bet FF will put ovulation at CD22.
I fully respect that this is your choice whatever you decide (and obviously it's a very difficult one).  Not to be cliche because I would never suggest this under typical circumstances, but...   Have you considered adoption?  Did you discuss the possibility of adoption with your friends?  I realize it's not the same thing as surrogacy by any means for all people involved, but from an outsider's perspective it almost seems like the stars may have aligned on this one.
DH and I are planning to start TTC soon and here in Guelph there are 2 midwifery practices.  I have no real reason at this point to choose one over the other.  I have one friend who had a great experience with Family Midwifery Care (hospital birth) and another friend is having a great experience so far with Guelph Midwives (planning hospital birth).  We will be planning a homebirth.   Does anyone have any experiences or information to share that would help me choose...
Chicken is a common allergy for dogs who have food allergies.   A hypoallergenic diet should be available at your vet's office.  These types of specialty diets are not available at pet food stores.   We had good results with the fish-based Limited Antigen (now renamed Dermatologic http://www.purinaveterinarydiets.com/Product/DRMDermatologicManagementDogFood.aspx) formula from Purina Veterinary Diets but we didn't have issues nearly as severe as your dog does.  A...
    Not sure if you'll see this in this great big huge thread but here goes...   Watties Pom Poms.  They're essentially the exact same thing as Tater Tots.  I've actually got a recipe card in my purse for Pom Pom Pie that I picked up at a grocery store while we were travelling the North Island in September.
I'd have to go with Victorian era clothing.  I love those full-length skirts paired with a puffed shoulder blouse.  Think:  Anne of Green Gables or Miss Potter.  In fact, I would love to have Renee Zellweger's wardrobe from Miss Potter!  Would be very flattering for my hourglass figure.
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